Fundación Pachacútec promotes studies through Scholarship 18

The Pachacútec Foundation joins to give opportunities to talented youth in Peru through the Beca 18 program, which gives them the opportunity to access a quality education completely free.
It should be noted that Scholarship 18 is aimed at young talent in vulnerable social status, poor or extreme poverty. These young people must access the scholarship by means of a contest fulfilling certain requirements for a limited number of vacancies.

For this reason, the Pachacútec Foundation opens its call for the Industrial Electrical Engineering career, training experts in public lighting and distribution of electrical energy. This career is dictated and developed with the support of Enel Peru, a multinational that brings progress and innovation to more than 61 million users worldwide.

We invite all young people interested in applying and being part of the Pachacútec family. Our admission exam will take place on Friday, April 20th. More information at the following numbers of the admission area 391-2242 and 995-419394 or go to our campus in Pachacútec (Av. Santa Rosa S / N Parcel E Nuevo Pachacútec).

Become a professional bartender thanks to the Learning For Life program

For the third consecutive year, thanks to the alliance with Diageo and the collaboration of BTH Hotel, we opened the call for enrollment in the bartender program; which seeks to insert young people with limited economic resources and train them comprehensively in the cocktail sector to serve as bartenders and work in the best bars in our country.

“We are aware that quality education and value training are the best tools to prepare young people for life. We, as a Foundation, celebrate having allies such as DIAGEO and its Learning for Life program as they allow us to fulfill our mission of transforming lives of people born with fewer opportunities, ”said Magaly Fuentes, Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation.

For his part, Cecilia Picoaga, Social Responsibility Manager of Diageo Peru, said that “Currently, there are more than 100 graduates and more than 85% of them enjoy a job in the field at the end of the program; Recent graduates are working in places like Astrid and Gastón, Panchita, Maido, Madbar, Carnival, Dondoh, Osaka, among others; That is why we feel very committed to continue providing opportunities to young talent who want to develop in the cocktail bar and be ambassadors of responsible consumption. ”

The program has a total of 30 vacancies, a high quality education, training in values, psychological support and job placement monitoring during and after the training process. At the end of the program, the most outstanding student with the best academic performance will have the opportunity to access an international internship in a recognized European bar and thus have a great experience of personal and professional growth.

For more information you can write to or call 944 401 205. Classes begin this April 2 and the cost of the program is S / 70 per month, which covers the cost of uniforms and academic material.

Fundación Pachacútec and Andeshoes sign agreement “Solidarity Steps”

Fundación Pachacútec and the Andeshoes footwear company come together to develop a campaign to provide footwear for the students of the Foundation.

The Peruvian Andeshoes company; Created by a group of Spaniards who have lived in Lima for 5 years, they created the “Solidarity Steps” campaign, which aims to provide slippers to the children and youth of the Pachacútec Foundation.
This initiative will be launched in Spain for a period of approximately 30 to 45 days in the months of April and May. Hoping to have the support of other people so that for every two pairs they can give one to the boys and girls of the foundation. At the end, the pairs of shoes will be delivered to the students of the Pachacútec Foundation, in an event which will be held at its facilities.

As the beginning of the campaign, several pairs of shoes have been delivered to the students of the foundation, to show their support and commitment to it.

“I felt happy and excited, especially because it was a gift from such a good brand with AndeShoes, who cares about social responsibility and the Andean communities,” said Kelly Santa Cruz graduated from the Cooking School.
It should be noted that the AndeShoes company works hand in hand with artisans from Andean communities to develop a unique, handmade and quality product; looking to offer an opportunity to prosper, transforming socially, and valuing its essence and culture.

Fundación Pachacútec inaugurates its Academic Year 2018 – I

Opening Mass officiated by Monsignor José Luis Del Palacio Pérez – Mendel, President of the Pachacútec Foundation.

The Restaurant and Bar program lasted approximately nine months, during which young people received theoretical and practical classes at the best bars in Lima. Within this program, a total of 19 students are graduating, and four of them will be rewarded with internships in international Michelin-category restaurants, such as: Noor in Córdoba, Azurmendi in Bilbao, Mugaritz in San Sebastián and Cenador de Amós in Cantabria.

In order to ensure that the young people of the Pachacútec Foundation can work in the cocktail industry, Diageo, a world leader in spirits, installed training modules in cocktails in order to provide them with a more complete specialty and a better performance. at the time of working in the labor field.

“Our country is currently a power in the field of gastronomy and together with the Pachacútec and Telefónica Foundation, we join in order to provide young talent with a program of excellence with additional knowledge in cocktail service to train integral professionals in the field of gastronomic service We want young people to have the best professional and personal learning experience in the internship they will perform in the prestigious Michelin restaurants, ”said Cecilia Picoaga, Diageo Social Responsibility Manager.

For his part, Magally Fuentes, Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation, said “We thank DIAGEO for joining us and for their commitment to society that is very aligned with the objectives we have in the Foundation. With your help, now our young people will have more knowledge and technical training in cocktails, which will facilitate their labor insertion, which commits us to continue working hard to continue exceeding our goals and transforming lives. ”
Currently, 92% of the graduates of the School of Mozos successfully inserted into the labor market and have the opportunity to complement their studies by doing internships in the main restaurants in Spain.

Young people from all over Peru joined our Admission 2018-I call

Admission process 2018-I

Hundreds of applicants were part of the 2018-I Admission call for the Careers of Business Administration, Industrial Electricity and Cooking offered by the Pachacútec Foundation.

The process was carried out on February 24 at 09:00 in the Pachacútec Campus, in which the students had to pass a test on mathematical knowledge, reasoning and language.

“The Pachacútec Foundation is recognized, has agreements with companies, as well as accessible and graduated prices that prove it. To all the young people who wish to apply, study and prepare. We must not give up, ”said students of the Pre Pachacutec Foundation.

We thank all students and parents for being part of this process with us. In the same way, we congratulate the entrants and invite all those who could not enter not to surrender and be part of one of the Professional Technical Careers and Productive Technical Courses that have the option to secure employment.

Jóvenes del Programa Learning for Life – Bartenders listos para brindar atención en las mejores barras de nuestro país

Ceremonia de graduación del Programa de Bartenders, el cual brinda oportunidades a jóvenes que quieren desarrollarse en el mundo de la coctelería

Recientemente se llevó a cabo la ceremonia de clausura de la IV promoción del Programa Learning for Life – Bartenders realizado gracias a la alianza de Diageo, Fundación Pachacútec y la colaboración de BTH Hotel. En el evento contamos con la participación de altos mandos de mencionadas instituciones como: Magally Fuentes, Vicepresidente de Fundación Pachacútec, Cecilia Picoaga, Gerente de Responsabilidad Social de Diageo y Miguel Dávila, Sub Gerente de A&B de BTH Hotel.

En la ceremonia de graduación celebramos que 26 jóvenes pudieron culminar el curso de forma satisfactoria; asimismo los graduados Cristina Vásquez y Marcelo Casas fueron los encargados de dar el discurso de clausura a nombre de todos los estudiantes: “En el Programa no sólo te enseñan a preparar cócteles, te enseñan a estar preparados para cualquier situación que se te presente, ya sea en la barra de tu trabajo o en la vida cotidiana. Learning for Life nos ha regalado tantas enseñanzas y tantas oportunidades que el dinero no puede pagar, me ha regalado amigos, casi hermanos” indicó Marcelo.

Asimismo, durante el evento se entregó el premio Barra Wasi a BTH Hotel como reconocimiento por brindar sus modernas instalaciones durante el transcurso del Programa, haciendo sentir a los alumnos y a todo el equipo como en casa.

Al culminar el evento se realizó un brindis con el cóctel El Espíritu del Caminante, ganador del primer puesto del concurso interno Keep Learning. Cabe destacar, que el 100% de los alumnos realizó sus prácticas en las barras de reconocidos restaurantes como: Maido, Astrid y Gastón, Osaka, Mad Bar, entre otros.

Pachacútec Foundation youth ready for the gas installation labor market

Pachacútec and SOLGAS close the Liquefied Gas Installers Training Program

The course that began in the second part of 2017, was divided into modules of theoretical and practical classes, these lessons were given by the professionals of the company SOLGAS, as well as its contractor companies. Within this program, a total of 26 students are graduating in order to empower them and bring them closer to a growing labor market.

The ceremony held at the Pachacútec headquarters, was attended by the various academic authorities of our institution, representatives of SOLGAS; and family and friends of our graduated students.

“This alliance between the Foundation and SOLGAS is a very good union for young people. The facilities are appropriate and we with our experience and staff are willing to continue contributing. We hope that students will be inserted in the workplace through our contractors, and that they can continue to grow; since they know our demands and processes, making their insertion easier, ”said Martín Medina, coordinator of maintenance and standardization of SOLGAS.

In the course of the course the students learned about welding, maintenance and installation, as well as knowing the regulations and the equipment necessary for the performance of the activities that the labor market requires. It should be noted that the course is taught once a year at our headquarters in Pachacútec and registrations are made from midyear.

Estudiantes de coctelería participan del concurso “Keep Learning”

DIAGEO y Fundación Pachacútec a fin de promover la creatividad y el desarrollo en la carrera de bartenders realizaron concurso de coctelería

Cinco estudiantes del Programa Learning for Life Bartenders tuvieron la oportunidad de pasar a la final del concurso “Keep Learning” organizado por Diageo, donde presentaron sus mejores creaciones de cócteles utilizando como principal insumo el whisky Johnnie Walker.

El concurso contó con la presencia de un exigente y reconocido jurado en el ámbito de la coctelería como Franco Cabachi, fundador de Clase Maestra; David Romero, asesor de los principales bares y restaurantes del país; Rodrigo Soto, reconocido mixólogo y sommelier.

“La coctelería en el Perú está creciendo y pocas son las empresas que se preocupan por colaborar en este rubro. Estas iniciativas son excelentes. Conozco a egresados del Programa Learning for Life que ahora se están convirtiendo en referentes de esta profesión”, mencionó David Romero, jurado del concurso.

La premiación estuvo a cargo de la gerente de responsabilidad social de Diageo para PEBAC, Cecilia Picoaga, quien premió a Guillermo Grados Carpio, alumno ganador del primer lugar del concurso con el cóctel denominado el Espíritu del Caminante. “A través del programa Learning for Life brindamos becas a jóvenes que quieran tener una oportunidad de desarrollo a través de la coctelería y creamos este concurso para impulsar a que los estudiantes pongan a prueba su creatividad utilizando un producto estrella como Johnnie Walker, que además comparte el espíritu de progreso y ambición de ellos.” Acotó Cecilia Picoaga.

Cabe resaltar, que esta es la cuarta vez que la Fundación y DIAGEO realizan el Programa Learning for Life – Bartenders el cual tiene por objetivo brindar a los jóvenes nuevas oportunidades de transformar su vida en base a educación e inserción laboral para esta carrera. Desde el 2016 esta alianza ha otorgado 119 becas donde al finalizar el programa más del 80% de estudiantes ha logrado conseguir trabajo en el rubro.

Papa Francisco recibe donación de una hectárea de árboles destinadas a la Fundación Pachacútec por parte de LATAM

The trees will be planted on the Pachacútec campus by the collaborators and family members of the airline

Upon his departure to the city of Puerto Maldonado, the Holy Father received a donation of 1,000 Tara trees that will be planted in the “Forest in the Sand” located on our Ventanilla campus.

The gift delivery was given by the general manager of LATAM Airlines Peru, Félix Antelo, in order to commemorate the historic visit made by Pope Francis to our country from January 18 to 21.

It should be noted that the Tara is a native of Peru and that the Pachacútec Foundation offers this and other types of plants for sale as part of its “Give a tree, give life” campaign, contributing to the development of self-sustainable green areas and afforesting arid areas.

LATAM, strategic partner of the Pachacútec Foundation, is the airline in charge of moving Pope Francis to the cities of Peru and his return to Rome, after completing his activities in our country.

LATAM, nuestro socio estratégico es responsable de trasladar al Papa Francisco al Perú

On his first visit to our country, the Holy Father will visit the cities of Lima, Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo.

LATAM Airlines, strategic partner of the Pachacútec Foundation, is responsible for moving Pope Francis from Iquique (Chile) to Lima, as well as his return to Rome from our capital at the end of his activities in our country.

The LATAM plane also transports 130 members of the Papal Committee, including members of the Catholic Church, government protocol personnel, local and Vatican security teams, technical support and support personnel of the aforementioned airline.

During his visit to Peru, the Supreme Pontiff will meet with different authorities in the Government Palace and will also visit other cities such as Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo, in order to deliver his message to thousands of parishioners in the interior of Peru.

LATAM is once again a participant in the great activities that are carried out to continue promoting the union and development of the peoples.