Learning for Life Bartenders Program holds the internal cocktail contest “First Walk”

The internal cocktail contest called “First Walk” was recently held at the Diageo facilities, where three bartender students presented their creations based on Johnnie Walker whiskey.

The winner of the contest was Mauricio Rizzoto, 19, who won the first place with his cocktail “Less is more”. The second place was held by Mayra Chavez with the cocktail called “Cervesour Walker”. Finally, the third place was occupied by Kenya Betancourt with its creation “Smoke on the water”.

“I feel very happy. Satisfied with myself. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Achievements are not magic, they are hard work and dedication; That is my phrase, that is what I see every morning when I wake up and it inspires me to continue growing, ”said Mauricio, who is a native of Venezuela and lives six months ago in Peru.

The contest was attended by Francisco Barrientos, Bartenders Program Coordinator; Cecilia Picoaga, Diageo Social Responsibility Manager; Magally Fuentes, Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation; In addition to various authorities, program teachers and Diageo employees.

The welcome words were given by the Program Coordinator, Francisco Barrientos, who highlighted the work carried out by the Pachacutec and Diageo Foundation to carry out the Bartenders program. In addition, he made the presentation of the jury formed by; Magally Fuentes, Vice President of the Foundation and renowned bartenders such as Bruno Ferrari, Diego Macedo and Armando Izaga Peña.

“From Learning for Life we ​​are very proud to continue training young talent in the cocktails sector and to train them as ambassadors of responsible consumption.” Indicated Cecilia Picoaga, Diageo Social Responsibility Manager.

It should be noted that since 2016 Diageo and Fundación Pachacútec work hand in hand in the training of young people as bartenders through the Learning for Life program, which offers the opportunity to transform the lives of their students and subsequently insert them into recognized bars from the city of Lima.