Pachacútec Foundation celebrates its 20 years transforming the lives of children and young people from Pachacútec- Ventanilla

The Pachacútec Foundation has celebrated its twenty years of creation with a ceremony that included the participation of Monsignor Luis Alberto Barrera, Bishop of the Diocese of Callao (where the Pachacútec Foundation is located) and promoter of the Luisa Astrain school and Cetpro; directors, managers and representatives of companies, institutions and national and international organizations, among others.

At the event, held on the morning of Tuesday, October 18 and led by the actress Norma Martínez, various personalities took the floor such as Monsignor Javier Del Río, Archbishop of Arequipa and initiator of the project; the outstanding chef Gastón Acurio, one of the oldest allies and promoter of the Kitchen career; and Dr. María Teresa Bomboí, president of the Pachacútec Foundation. In addition, representatives of the private sector, directors, teachers, graduates and students offered their testimony and shared with the attendees what it means for them to be part of the Foundation.

Since its constitution in 2002, the purpose of the Foundation has been to facilitate the integral promotion of the people of Pachacútec and neighboring areas in its different aspects, through education and training, social assistance services and other actions thanks to the articulation of the Church, the State, the technical, professional and financial cooperation of the business sector, cooperation for development, as well as people of good will at the national and international level.

The 160-hectare campus of the Pachacútec Foundation annually receives more than 1,500 students in its three educational levels: the Luisa Astrain School, which has initial, primary and secondary schools; the Nuevo Pachacútec Private Higher Education Institute (which offers careers in Business Administration, Cooking and Industrial Electricity); and Cetpro Nuevo Pachacútec with the specialties of production technicians in Hairdressing, Restaurant and Bar Service, Contact Center Operators and Bartenders.

It should be noted that students not only receive technical-professional training, they also receive an education based on human and Christian values, as well as the skills to face future challenges in their lives and in their profession.

The Pachacútec Foundation develops the training of students in alliance with companies in the sector, which facilitate the professionalism of graduates and a job placement rate of 90%.

Additionally, the institution has free breakfast services for students, a nursery for parents who study on campus, a Medical Center for the population of the area and students. Since 2021, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a medicinal oxygen production plant was inaugurated as a free service for the population.

To date, more than 28,000 people have directly benefited from education, training and social action services.