Pachacutec students are part of Nestlé’s Yocuta program

Our students with the respective implements to enter the D’Onofrio plant.

Recently our students in the third cycle of our institution’s Cooking career visited the D’Onofrio Factory; as part of the “Yocuta” culinary learning program carried out by Nestlé towards future gastronomic professionals.

The visit was attended by 20 students from Fundación Pachacútec accompanied by a professor from the institution and the head of Communications and Marketing, Jozsef Arroyo. The program began with a talk by Angelo Ginocchio, Manager of the Nestlé Professional Business Unit, who made known the history, brands and product lines of that institution.

Before starting the tour of the factory facilities, an important safety talk was carried out by the Head of Safety, Health and Environment, Marcos Vidal. Then, our students learned about the process of mixing, molding, and ice cream and confectionery packaging.

It should be noted that the YOCUTA program in Peru is a sign of its commitment to the social and gastronomic development of the country, to enhance the insertion in the gastronomic labor market of young people. The initiative, which is already being developed in other countries of South America and Central America with great success.