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Pachacútec Foundation celebrates its 20 years transforming the lives of children and young people from Pachacútec- Ventanilla

The Pachacútec Foundation has celebrated its twenty years of creation with a ceremony that included the participation of Monsignor Luis Alberto Barrera, Bishop of the Diocese of Callao (where the Pachacútec Foundation is located) and promoter of the Luisa Astrain school and Cetpro; directors, managers and representatives of companies, institutions and national and international organizations, […]

Keys to incorporating soft skills at the different educational levels of Fundación Pachacútec

In November the vaccination of minors began and with it the opportunity for more students to be able to resume their learning in schools and institutes in person. However, something that this pandemic has taught us is the need to strengthen soft skills, known as ‘softskills’ in their educational centers so that in the future […]

More than 1,500 schoolchildren and young people from the Pachacútec Foundation were trained in the use of digital tools

In the first quarter of 2021 it was reported that there are 10 million Peruvians who do not use the internet, which represents 33% of the population, according to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). Among the main reasons mentioned by those who are not users of the service […]

More than 14 thousand Ventanilla students benefited from basic, technical and professional education

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing quality education has become one of the main challenges for the training of children and young people, especially in the less favored districts. In this sense, the Pachacútec Foundation , an organization that for almost two decades has contributed to transforming the lives of low-income people, managed […]

The Pachacutec Foundation renews and strengthens its hairdressing course under the blended modality

According to the Ministry of Education, 6 out of 10 young people left their university and technical studies due to the severe economic crisis caused by COVID-19. This is mainly due to the lack of employment and the reduction in salaries that prevent payment. of your monthly payments. Faced with this situation, the Pachacútec Foundation […]

Qura 4 Medical Center was inaugurated thanks to the agreement between the Pachacútec Foundation and the Municipality of Ventanilla

Last Monday, October 21, the “Qura 4” Medical Center was inaugurated thanks to the agreement between our Pachacútec Foundation and the Municipality of Ventanilla, a fully equipped polyclinic to cover the medical needs of our entire Pachacútec community. With the presence of our representatives, Monsignor José Luis del Palacio Pérez Mendel, President of the Pachacútec […]

Fundación Pachacútec and the Chamber of Commerce of Soria sign an agreement for students to do internships in Sorian companies

A great opportunity has been opened for our Pachacútec Foundation students who will be able to carry out their professional practices in the province of Soria, Spain. Our vice president María Teresa Bomboí and the president of the Chamber of Soria, Amador Frías, signed this Friday, July 19, a collaboration agreement that will allow our […]