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Pachacutec students are part of Nestlé’s Yocuta program

Our students with the respective implements to enter the D’Onofrio plant. Recently our students in the third cycle of our institution’s Cooking career visited the D’Onofrio Factory; as part of the “Yocuta” culinary learning program carried out by Nestlé towards future gastronomic professionals. The visit was attended by 20 students from Fundación Pachacútec accompanied by […]

Fundación Pachacútec promotes studies through Scholarship 18

The Pachacútec Foundation joins to give opportunities to talented youth in Peru through the Beca 18 program, which gives them the opportunity to access a quality education completely free. It should be noted that Scholarship 18 is aimed at young talent in vulnerable social status, poor or extreme poverty. These young people must access the […]

Fundación Pachacútec inaugurates its Academic Year 2018 – I

Opening Mass officiated by Monsignor José Luis Del Palacio Pérez – Mendel, President of the Pachacútec Foundation. The Restaurant and Bar program lasted approximately nine months, during which young people received theoretical and practical classes at the best bars in Lima. Within this program, a total of 19 students are graduating, and four of them […]

Young people from all over Peru joined our Admission 2018-I call

Admission process 2018-I Hundreds of applicants were part of the 2018-I Admission call for the Careers of Business Administration, Industrial Electricity and Cooking offered by the Pachacútec Foundation. The process was carried out on February 24 at 09:00 in the Pachacútec Campus, in which the students had to pass a test on mathematical knowledge, reasoning […]

Jóvenes del Programa Learning for Life – Bartenders listos para brindar atención en las mejores barras de nuestro país

Ceremonia de graduación del Programa de Bartenders, el cual brinda oportunidades a jóvenes que quieren desarrollarse en el mundo de la coctelería Recientemente se llevó a cabo la ceremonia de clausura de la IV promoción del Programa Learning for Life – Bartenders realizado gracias a la alianza de Diageo, Fundación Pachacútec y la colaboración de […]

Estudiantes de coctelería participan del concurso “Keep Learning”

DIAGEO y Fundación Pachacútec a fin de promover la creatividad y el desarrollo en la carrera de bartenders realizaron concurso de coctelería Cinco estudiantes del Programa Learning for Life Bartenders tuvieron la oportunidad de pasar a la final del concurso “Keep Learning” organizado por Diageo, donde presentaron sus mejores creaciones de cócteles utilizando como principal […]