The renowned chefs Gastón Acurio (Peru) and Karlos Arguiñano (Spain) inaugurate CONVIDA, the restaurant for the community of Pachacútec

The space will have three purposes: to be a restaurant-school for students of service and gastronomy careers; a nutritious social canteen for initial, primary and secondary students; and a restaurant for the workers and the community surrounding the foundation.

Understand gastronomy as a plural and collective activity capable of generating change. With this motivation born CONVIDA, a dining room, restaurant and school in the district of Pachacútec. With the participation and enthusiasm of young people, neighbors and collaborators, the opening of the restaurant is the first step of a long journey that begins today. The one to invite, as who invites to a table. The one to invite, like who gives a reason. To live with life.
CONVIDA merges two initiatives. The first is the proposal of Gastón Acurio, the renowned Peruvian chef, to open a restaurant run by the students of the Cooking School. This idea was complemented by another: that of the Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa by the hand of the charismatic chef Karlos Aguiñano, with three decades of television career in Spain, who proposed the installation of a dining room that offered nutritious breakfasts for the educational community. This is how CONVIDA was born, a meeting place between the students of the Foundation and the community of Pachacútec.
From April 22, very early and daily, CONVIDA will serve 1,000 breakfasts for the educational community of the Foundation. Then, the cooking students will light the stove for a gastronomic training that will lead them to offer 150 lunches to the Pachacutan population.
The Pachacútec Foundation has an educational offer that covers the largest number of training stages: it integrates from a school with the levels of primary and secondary initial; to CETPro, where Bartenders, Contact Center, Hairdressing, LPG and natural gas, and Service in Restaurant and Bar courses are offered; and to the Institute, which provides careers in Business Administration, Cooking and Industrial Electricity.
With CONVIDA, the foundation will take to the neighborhood that welcomes it, joy, health and well-being through the passion for cooking and the goal of transforming lives through education and love, under which one day, almost 15 years ago years ago this prestigious institution was created.
CONVIDA members are Acurio Restaurants, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa of the Basque Country (Spain) and the AIALA School of Hospitality of Karlos Aguiñano. It also has the support of DIAGEO, SODEXO, AUNA, Dominion, Brand Food, and R & amp; T Arq. And Imaginative.
– The Pachacútec Foundation presents CONVIDA, a restaurant designed both for the learning of the students of the Cooking career and for the feeding of the students of the Foundation and the residents of Pacachútec.
– The opening of the space will take place on Monday, April 8 at 11:30 in the morning at the headquarters of the Foundation, located on Santa Rosa Avenue S / N Pachacútec, in Ventanilla.
– The event will be attended by renowned chefs Gastón Acurio and Karlos Arguiñano, involved in the creation and implementation of this initiative.


Gastón Acurio: “The restaurant is also a learning space for Pachacútec students, who will take charge of their driving and where Pachacutec neighbors can enjoy high quality dishes in beautiful and comfortable facilities.”


Karlos Arguiñano: “The kitchen has given me so much that I have always worried about teaching my children that we also have to give to others … that is why when we learned that the Diputación de Gipuzkoa and Gastón were part of this project we decided immediately to contribute our grain of sand to education through education ”.


Magally Fuentes Acurio (Vicepresidente de la Fundación Pachacútec): “Convida is a dream come true because the comprehensive training we provide to students is complemented by the food they will receive daily from now on and is also a way to open our doors to the community that welcomes us.”

Fundación Pachacútec and the Aiala School of Hospitality of Spain strengthen cooperation ties

These agreements are given in the framework of strengthening relations with international institutions

Continuing with our cooperation project, the Director of Cooperation of the Provincial Council, Fernando San Martín, and Raúl González, director of the Aiala de Zarautz hospitality school, presented the contribution they have been making to the Pachacútec Foundation. In addition, our graduate Kelly Florcita Santa Cruz was also present at the presentation of the initiative. She is a fellow of the hotel restaurant Karlos Arguiñano, where she will make a specialization as a prize for having been the best academically of her promotion at the Pachacútec Cooking School.

The Director of Cooperation stressed that “with Gipuzkoa Coopera we are working to increase the cooperative muscle and achieve a more active involvement of citizens, our companies and all economic, social and cultural agents, in a task that concerns us all : build a more just and supportive world ”.

Gipuzkoa Coopera is a project launched by the Diputación in 2017 and which aims to boost Development Cooperation by extending them to unconventional entities in cooperation but which have a large overlap in the Gipuzkoan territory and beyond. One of these projects is the one developed by the Aiala hospitality school.

If you want to find out more about our cooperative projects, enter the following note:

Fundación Pachacútec and LATAM Airlines Peru presented “Flying Cooks” program in Jauja that will promote gastronomic culture

With the aim of spreading and promoting the gastronomic culture, LATAM Airlines Peru presented in Jauja the Social Responsibility program “Flying Cooks”, which seeks to contribute, through gastronomy, to the development of Sustainable Tourism and contribute to well-being and health of the communities where the airline operates.

In addition to benefiting two young people with comprehensive scholarships, the community of the chosen student will also be favored, because it will be carried out for two and a half years “Gastrosalud”, which aims to evaluate and provide treatment to students in the first grade of the school where the winner comes from, in order to eradicate anemia and malnutrition. Also, talks on sustainable food will be provided.

“It is a satisfaction and pride for us to support young people with a talent for gastronomy and allow their dreams to be fulfilled, in addition the students will become ambassadors of the various flavors that Peru offers to the world. We will also directly and indirectly benefit 37,890 people, in 9 communities by 2021, ”said Tejada.

Every time to specify that every year there will be 3 editions of “Flying Cooks” in the areas where we operate, it started in Jaén in May, now we are presenting it in Jauja and later it will be in Ayacucho.

For his part, Pancorvo explained that the Foundation is an organization that transforms lives by providing quality education and integral human formation, based on a joint effort between the Church, the State, companies, civil society and international cooperation.

Young people who have a passion for gastronomy can send an email to with its complete data (names and surnames, ID, date of birth, email and telephone number), in addition to requesting more information, you can contact the UGEL Secretariat of Management of Jauja, located at Jr. Atahualpa N ° 990 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am at 1:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m or at the office of the Directorate of your school.

Fundación Pachacútec conducts the first effective education workshop aimed at parents

On Saturday, August 25, the first effective education workshop for parents of the Cooking, Business Administration and Industrial Electrical Engineering courses was held in order to provide them with strategies for active support in the process of studying their children.

The meeting point was classroom 80 of our campus, where around 60 parents of students from the I to the IV cycle were able to perform group work, discussions and obtain more information about how to support their children to achieve culmination with Successful technical professional studies in our institution.

It is worth mentioning that the program includes a total of 7 workshops, in which those in charge of the Academic Directorate of the campus will work hand in hand with the tutoring area to ensure that more parents of our institution can provide the necessary tools to their children in order to get better professionals.

Learning for Life program offers scholarships for young people to train as Bartenders

Thirty quotas will be granted to applicants with economic limitations. 

Upon completion of the program, students have the opportunity to enter to work in prestigious bars and restaurants in Lima.

If your dream is to become a bartender, but you don’t have the necessary resources, this is your chance. Diageo, a leading global company in premium alcoholic beverages together with the Pachacútec Foundation and the collaboration of BTH Hotel, will begin the registration process for the “Learning for Life – Bartenders” program.

Through this program, we seek to train young talents in the cocktails sector. In previous editions, 100% of the students have been inserted in recognized bars in the city of Lima.

The bartender course is aimed at women and men, between 19 and 27 years old, who have a positive attitude, full availability of the schedule (8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) and eager to learn about the world of cocktails.

Those interested can apply until Monday, August 27 by sending an email to , with the subject “ Bartender. ” For more information, you can visit the Facebook page: Diageo-Learning for Life.

The program is sponsored by Diageo, but each participant must cover a symbolic charge of 70 soles for the costs of materials and uniforms.

Pachacútec Foundation received a visit from the Ambassador of Finland

On Tuesday, August 14, we received the visit of Mika Koskinen, Ambassador of Finland; Mónica Castañeda Ferreira, Coach Writer and representatives of the Embassy of Finland, in order to get to know our Pachacútec Campus, as well as the work we do with the Ventanilla community.

The reception and welcome of the delegation was carried out in the first stage of the campus and was in charge of the Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation, Magally Fuentes, as well as representatives of the Foundation, the tour continued through the campus facilities visiting the workshop area of ​​the Industrial Electrical Engineering career and the construction of our social dining room.

On the other hand, the delegation continued with its view of the Luisa Astrain school facilities, where the students of the initial level received them with songs and greetings in English, later they went to the sixth and fifth grade secondary classrooms where Students provided their testimonies and words of thanks, as well as questions for Mónica Castañeda author of “A Story of Forgiveness” book donated to our students of the elementary and secondary levels.

The tour ended with the visit of the facilities of the Cooking career and the Restaurant and Bar Service where they could learn more about the history of each student and the way in which the Foundation had helped them change their lives, followed by a sharing prepared by the students of Cooking.

It should be noted that for the Pachacútec Foundation it is a joy to be able to count on the visit and collaboration of the Embassy of Finland, which occupies the first place in the ranking in Education. These visits motivate us to continue working to improve the education and quality of life of the students and families of the Foundation.

Learning for Life Bartenders Program holds the internal cocktail contest “First Walk”

The internal cocktail contest called “First Walk” was recently held at the Diageo facilities, where three bartender students presented their creations based on Johnnie Walker whiskey.

The winner of the contest was Mauricio Rizzoto, 19, who won the first place with his cocktail “Less is more”. The second place was held by Mayra Chavez with the cocktail called “Cervesour Walker”. Finally, the third place was occupied by Kenya Betancourt with its creation “Smoke on the water”.

“I feel very happy. Satisfied with myself. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Achievements are not magic, they are hard work and dedication; That is my phrase, that is what I see every morning when I wake up and it inspires me to continue growing, ”said Mauricio, who is a native of Venezuela and lives six months ago in Peru.

The contest was attended by Francisco Barrientos, Bartenders Program Coordinator; Cecilia Picoaga, Diageo Social Responsibility Manager; Magally Fuentes, Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation; In addition to various authorities, program teachers and Diageo employees.

The welcome words were given by the Program Coordinator, Francisco Barrientos, who highlighted the work carried out by the Pachacutec and Diageo Foundation to carry out the Bartenders program. In addition, he made the presentation of the jury formed by; Magally Fuentes, Vice President of the Foundation and renowned bartenders such as Bruno Ferrari, Diego Macedo and Armando Izaga Peña.

“From Learning for Life we ​​are very proud to continue training young talent in the cocktails sector and to train them as ambassadors of responsible consumption.” Indicated Cecilia Picoaga, Diageo Social Responsibility Manager.

It should be noted that since 2016 Diageo and Fundación Pachacútec work hand in hand in the training of young people as bartenders through the Learning for Life program, which offers the opportunity to transform the lives of their students and subsequently insert them into recognized bars from the city of Lima.

Fundación Pachacútec received a visit from representatives of ENEL

Representatives of ENEL and Pachacútec Foundation in the area of ​​workshops of the Industrial Electrical Engineering.

Last Friday, June 15, we received Rosario Arrisueño, Sustainability Peru – ENEL Distribución SAA; Carlos Temboury, Country Manager ENEL Peru and José Manuel Revuelta, representative of ENEL, where they were able to know the campus facilities; as well as the career of Industrial Electrical Engineering.

The reception and welcome was carried out in the area of ​​workshops of the Industrial Electrotechnics career and was in charge of the Vice President of the Magally Fuentes Foundation, followed by a guided tour of the facilities by the director of the race Martín Huarancca . Subsequently, the delegation went to the first stage to continue its journey and take a panoramic view of our Pachacútec campus.

On the other hand, the students of the Industrial Electrotechnics career received them with an artistic number composed of an instrumental presentation of Peruvian music, as well as student testimonials about the benefits that come from the race. Also accompanied by words of our Vice President and Emilio Barros, graduated from the race; who gave Carlos Temboury, Country Manager ENEL Peru a recognition by the Pachacútec Foundation.

Finally, we have the words of Carlos Temboury, Country Manager ENEL Peru, who expressed his gratitude and gratitude to the Foundation, encouraging young people to never give up and continue fighting to achieve their goals.

It is worth mentioning that the Pachacútec Foundation has offered the Industrial Electrical Engineering career since 2006 in order to train electrical technicians working in the best companies in the electricity sector. The admission test is July 21 at 9:00 and costs S / 70. More information at 391-2242 / 995-419394 or .

Fundación Pachacútec was visited by the directors of Fundación DKV Integralia

Directors of Fundación DKV Integralia together with members of Fundación Pachacútec.

On June 2 we received the visit of Pilar Moya, director of the DKV Integralia Foundation, Josep Santacreu, Javier Vega de Seoane and Baldo Zapata, Head of Social Responsibility of Konecta; where they could visit the facilities of our Pachacútec campus and learn more about our educational model accompanied by representatives of our institution.

The reception was in charge of the students and the coordinator of the Contact Center course Karina Roncal, followed by a dance presentation by our students of the Luisa Astrain school. At the same time, there was the presence of the Vice President of the Magally Fuentes Foundation among other different authorities of our institution.

The authorities made a tour of our Pachacútec campus where they could learn more about the history of our institution and the classrooms where the Contact Center course is taught. Subsequently, they went to the facilities of the Cooking and Service Race where the students made a toast and lunch in thanks to the work that the DKV Foundation has been doing in the Pachacútec Foundation.

At the end, there were two musical numbers by the dance workshop students, as well as the words of Pilar Moya, Director of the DKV Integralia Foundation; Baldo Zapata, Head of Social Responsibility of Konecta, who presented the impact that the project has had on the beneficiaries and the improvements that the area has obtained.

It should be noted that the Pachacútec Foundation has been working hand in hand with the DKV Integralia and Konecta Foundation in the Contact Center course with the aim of giving young people the possibility of developing and generating short-term income in a large company in the call center category . The course has a registration fee of S / 70, the start of classes is August 13 from Monday to Friday from 8:30. – 1:30 pm.

Graduated from the Business Administration degree, she participated in NEO: A legacy of innovation for the future

On Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, June 7, the talk NEO: A legacy of innovation was held, with the aim of exploring innovation and learning of more than 15 years of investment in Latin America and the Caribbean in youth employment and the impact that They will have in the future.

On the first day of the event, participants had the opportunity to listen to dynamic talks organized by young NEO, panels led by experts from the alliance and finally the perceptions of public and corporate sector leaders. Finally, on the second day of the event, the learning of NEO was deepened through the results of studies carried out in regions, as well as evaluations developed by NEO.

The youth representative NEO Peru, was our graduate of the Gladys Acasiete Business Administration career, which began her presentation telling the experience of a classmate of her school who did not have much support from her teachers, but with motivation and He was able to enter the university and open his own academy.

“Many times we need a boost, but with motivation and perseverance you can achieve the goals and be a better version of yourself,” said Gladys Acasiete López, a NEO graduate at the Pachacútec Foundation Institute.

On the other hand, at Fundación Pachacútec we are proud that our graduates are leaving the name of the institution high.

We invite you to the next admission process on July 21 at 9:00 am. More information in or in Av. Santa Rosa s / n Parcela E, Nuevo Pachacútec, Ventanilla. Callao-Peru.