LATAM, nuestro socio estratégico es responsable de trasladar al Papa Francisco al Perú

On his first visit to our country, the Holy Father will visit the cities of Lima, Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo.

LATAM Airlines, strategic partner of the Pachacútec Foundation, is responsible for moving Pope Francis from Iquique (Chile) to Lima, as well as his return to Rome from our capital at the end of his activities in our country.

The LATAM plane also transports 130 members of the Papal Committee, including members of the Catholic Church, government protocol personnel, local and Vatican security teams, technical support and support personnel of the aforementioned airline.

During his visit to Peru, the Supreme Pontiff will meet with different authorities in the Government Palace and will also visit other cities such as Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo, in order to deliver his message to thousands of parishioners in the interior of Peru.

LATAM is once again a participant in the great activities that are carried out to continue promoting the union and development of the peoples.

Our young people of the Pachacútec Foundation will take the restaurant and bar service internationally

The Restaurant and Bar program lasted approximately nine months, during which young people received theoretical and practical classes at the best bars in Lima. Within this program, a total of 19 students are graduating, and four of them will be rewarded with internships in international Michelin-category restaurants, such as: Noor in Córdoba, Azurmendi in Bilbao, Mugaritz in San Sebastián and Cenador de Amós in Cantabria.

In order to ensure that the young people of the Pachacútec Foundation can work in the cocktail industry, Diageo, a world leader in spirits, installed training modules in cocktails in order to provide them with a more complete specialty and a better performance. at the time of working in the labor field.

“Our country is currently a power in the field of gastronomy and together with the Pachacútec and Telefónica Foundation, we join in order to provide young talent with a program of excellence with additional knowledge in cocktail service to train integral professionals in the field of gastronomic service We want young people to have the best professional and personal learning experience in the internship they will perform in the prestigious Michelin restaurants, ”said Cecilia Picoaga, Diageo Social Responsibility Manager.

For his part, Magally Fuentes, Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation, said “We thank DIAGEO for joining us and for their commitment to society that is very aligned with the objectives we have in the Foundation. With your help, now our young people will have more knowledge and technical training in cocktails, which will facilitate their labor insertion, which commits us to continue working hard to continue exceeding our goals and transforming lives. ”

Currently, 92% of the graduates of the School of Mozos successfully inserted into the labor market and have the opportunity to complement their studies by doing internships in the main restaurants in Spain.