Pachacútec Foundation celebrates its 20 years transforming the lives of children and young people from Pachacútec- Ventanilla

The Pachacútec Foundation has celebrated its twenty years of creation with a ceremony that included the participation of Monsignor Luis Alberto Barrera, Bishop of the Diocese of Callao (where the Pachacútec Foundation is located) and promoter of the Luisa Astrain school and Cetpro; directors, managers and representatives of companies, institutions and national and international organizations, among others.

At the event, held on the morning of Tuesday, October 18 and led by the actress Norma Martínez, various personalities took the floor such as Monsignor Javier Del Río, Archbishop of Arequipa and initiator of the project; the outstanding chef Gastón Acurio, one of the oldest allies and promoter of the Kitchen career; and Dr. María Teresa Bomboí, president of the Pachacútec Foundation. In addition, representatives of the private sector, directors, teachers, graduates and students offered their testimony and shared with the attendees what it means for them to be part of the Foundation.

Since its constitution in 2002, the purpose of the Foundation has been to facilitate the integral promotion of the people of Pachacútec and neighboring areas in its different aspects, through education and training, social assistance services and other actions thanks to the articulation of the Church, the State, the technical, professional and financial cooperation of the business sector, cooperation for development, as well as people of good will at the national and international level.

The 160-hectare campus of the Pachacútec Foundation annually receives more than 1,500 students in its three educational levels: the Luisa Astrain School, which has initial, primary and secondary schools; the Nuevo Pachacútec Private Higher Education Institute (which offers careers in Business Administration, Cooking and Industrial Electricity); and Cetpro Nuevo Pachacútec with the specialties of production technicians in Hairdressing, Restaurant and Bar Service, Contact Center Operators and Bartenders.

It should be noted that students not only receive technical-professional training, they also receive an education based on human and Christian values, as well as the skills to face future challenges in their lives and in their profession.

The Pachacútec Foundation develops the training of students in alliance with companies in the sector, which facilitate the professionalism of graduates and a job placement rate of 90%.

Additionally, the institution has free breakfast services for students, a nursery for parents who study on campus, a Medical Center for the population of the area and students. Since 2021, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a medicinal oxygen production plant was inaugurated as a free service for the population.

To date, more than 28,000 people have directly benefited from education, training and social action services.

Keys to incorporating soft skills at the different educational levels of Fundación Pachacútec

In November the vaccination of minors began and with it the opportunity for more students to be able to resume their learning in schools and institutes in person. However, something that this pandemic has taught us is the need to strengthen soft skills, known as ‘softskills’ in their educational centers so that in the future they can adapt to changing environments and successfully insert themselves into the world of work.

“The COVID-19 pandemic should not mean a setback in learning, but an opportunity to develop those skills that are needed to overcome any crisis and enter the world of work. According to various studies, 75% of job success depends on soft skills. To promote them in the Pachacútec Foundation we have been working on this aspect for several years. It is part of our DNA and one of our differentiating elements. ”, Indicated Alexis Pancorvo, academic director of the Pachacútec Foundation.

Among the soft skills that the Pachacútec Foundation develops in its three educational levels at Ventanilla, the academic director mentions: teamwork, communication, responsibility, emotional stability, problem solving, leadership, among other skills that are difficult to find in the market. labor.

“In meetings with representatives of the private sector to review and update the different curricula, it is amazing how they highlight the importance of skills such as communication, teamwork, the desire to learn, creativity, among others. These elements they refer are key and so much so that 92% of employers affirm that they matter to them as much as hard skills, ”said Pancorvo.

Some recommendations that the Pachacútec Foundation offers to the educational community are the following:

1. Have a soft and socio-emotional skills file that serves as a measurement and monitoring instrument on the development, achievement and achievement of them among students.

2.     Escuchar al estudiante y estar atento a sus problemas, pues es necesario para proveer el apoyo emocional que será base para el desarrollo adecuado de las softskills. En Fundación Pachacútec se hace a través del área de tutoría y tutores especialmente designados para cada grado o ciclo.

3. Provide continuous feedback for the full development of skills in a personalized way. At the Foundation, interviews are held twice a year in which the career director, the tutor and the student participate. During the meetings, the students receive suggestions for their development and set clear objectives for the following semester.

4. Offer programs that develop the confidence, dependability, and teamwork skills necessary to be successful in school, work, and life. At the Foundation we have a program developed by our professional team, as well as international programs such as the Passport to Success ®. This international program has been implemented in more than 50 countries and has trained over 200,000 youth to date. In the latter case, they are licensed to teach the program, as well as facilitators and tutors certified by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) based in the United States of America.

Change a Life Campaign

The Pachacútec Foundation has launched a digital collection called “Change a life”.

With this campaign, it is expected to reach S / 230,000 to benefit 60 new young people greatly affected by the pandemic, of all educational levels for a year, expand the infrastructure created to teach classes and improve basic services such as water, sewage and light, which is so important for them to have access to connectivity.

To join the campaign, you can go to: Fundación Pachacútec (, and go to the “Collaborate” tab, which shows the different donation modalities. Also, you can donate at the bank: BCP in the current account soles: 191-2632619-0-09 and the current account dollars: 191-2631485-1-65.

More than 1,500 schoolchildren and young people from the Pachacútec Foundation were trained in the use of digital tools

In the first quarter of 2021 it was reported that there are 10 million Peruvians who do not use the internet, which represents 33% of the population, according to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). Among the main reasons mentioned by those who are not users of the service is that they do not need it (40%), are unaware of its use (30%) and that it does not reach their homes (11%), detailed a survey carried out by Osiptel in the 2019.

While the digital divide is not only limited to the lack of Internet access, it has contributed to its further widening during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, the Government, universities and organizations have launched programs and initiatives to educate people on ICTs and digital tools.

This is the case of the Pachacútec Foundation, which since it implemented digital skills in its curriculum in 2016, has trained more than 1,500 thousand low-income school children and young people from Ventanilla, who are part of its three educational projects: the Luisa Astrain school, the Center for Productive Technical Education – CETPRO Nuevo Pachacútec and the institute.

“Achieving digital literacy is a huge challenge, but necessary since it will allow young people to benefit from greater accessibility to information and they will have access to applications that will make their lives easier, will include them in society and will allow them to access a quality of higher education ”, indicated Alexis Pancorvo, academic director at Fundación Pachacútec.

He also pointed out that of the total number of students and schoolchildren who enter the Foundation, approximately 30% of the young people have limited use of basic computer tools and not only they, but also their parents, for whom they created a special program.

“For the parents of the students, we have designed a program in which we train them on the most basic digital tools and programs such as the use of Microsoft Office, emails and the use of social networks so that they can promote their own businesses and ventures. . We are currently training 100 parents, and our goal is for the program to reach many more, ”said Alexis Pancorvo.

In this way, the Pachacútec Foundation seeks to transform the lives of low-income people, based on an education of excellence for children and young people, and positively impacting their families and society.

Change a Life Campaign
To achieve its objectives, including reducing the digital divide and achieving digital literacy, the Pachacútec Foundation has launched a digital collection called “Cambia una vida”. With this campaign, it is expected to reach S / 230,000 to benefit 60 new young people greatly affected by the pandemic, of all educational levels during a year, expand the infrastructure created to teach classes and improve basic services such as water, sewage and electricity, which is so important for them to have access to connectivity.

To join the campaign, you can go to: Fundación Pachacútec (, and go to the tab “ Collaborate ”in which the different donation modalities are shown. Also, you can donate at the bank: BCP. Soles checking account: 191-2632619-0-09 and dollars checking account: 191-2631485-1-65.

More than 14 thousand Ventanilla students benefited from basic, technical and professional education

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing quality education has become one of the main challenges for the training of children and young people, especially in the less favored districts. In this sense, the Pachacútec Foundation , an organization that for almost two decades has contributed to transforming the lives of low-income people, managed to benefit more than 14,000 Ventanilla students strong>, providing them with regular basic, technical and professional education.

To serve the population of Ventanilla, the Foundation, thanks to the financial contribution of private companies and volunteers, created a school where classes are taught at the initial, primary and secondary levels, a technical education center (CETPRO) in which they teach specialties for generate income in a short time and an institute, which teaches the careers of Business Administration, Kitchen and Industrial Electrical Engineering. The establishments are located in the Nuevo Pachacútec human settlement where families in extreme poverty live.

In the midst of the health emergency and on the eve of celebrating Peru’s Bicentennial, contributing to the education and job placement of young people who have lost their jobs is a priority for the Foundation. Even more so considering that Peru is among the last places in access to education. For this reason, we created three educational infrastructures that have benefited 14,000 people from Ventanilla to date, of which more than 90% are working ”, indicated María Teresa Bomboí, vice president of the Pachacútec Foundation.

To achieve this success, the vice president of the Pachacútec Foundation pointed out that the following benefits are provided to students:

  1. Subsidized education: Thanks to the financial support of companies and volunteers, the students of the Foundation’s school only pay a symbolic contribution for their education. While the young people who study at the CETPRO or institute receive between 70% and 80% of scholarship, depending on the career or specialty. This benefit gives them peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their studies and do not abandon them due to lack of financial resources.
  2. Comprehensive training: Young people who join the Foundation receive not only academic and technical knowledge, but also are trained in values ​​such as solidarity, respect, responsibility, among others, which will allow to create a world more sustainable, with stable economies and fairer and more inclusive societies.
  3. Quality certifications and awards: The Foundation received in 2018 the international certification of the Neo Quality System, which accredits them as an institution that provides education with global standards. In addition, professional careers are licensed by the Ministry of Education. On the other hand, the NGO has won various awards such as the VI contest for Social Projects, Business Creativity, among others.
  4. Strengthening socio-emotional skills: The Foundation cares about the emotional development of young people. Therefore, it offers workshops to strengthen the social-emotional skills in students. These spaces allow us to understand and regulate emotions, feel and show empathy, establish and develop positive relationships, as well as make responsible decisions.
  5. Competitions for all levels: The Foundation organizes and participates in internal and external competitions to challenge the talent of its students. The most recent is the one carried out together with the NGO Law for All, I Contest Citizen Project 2021, where five groups of students proposed ordinance projects to improve their district. The winners were a project that regulates the waste and the care of the beaches of the Ventanilla district and an ordinance that regulates the cleaning of garbage containers. In this way, the Foundation contributes to promoting citizenship in the district and the country.

Let’s all support!

So that the Pachacútec Foundation can continue serving the population of Ventanilla, it launched the digital collection called “Change a life”, the purpose of which is to raise funds to continue providing quality education and training and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

With this campaign, it is expected to reach S / 230,000 to benefit 60 new young people greatly affected by the pandemic, of all educational levels for a year, expand the infrastructure created to teach classes and improve basic services such as electricity, water and drain.

To join the campaign, you can go to: Fundación Pachacútec ( ), and go to the “Collaborate” tab on the The different donation modalities are shown. In addition, you can make a donation to the BCP in the current account soles: 191-2632619-0-09 and the current account dollars: 191-2631485-1-65.

The Pachacutec Foundation renews and strengthens its hairdressing course under the blended modality

According to the Ministry of Education, 6 out of 10 young people left their university and technical studies due to the severe economic crisis caused by COVID-19. This is mainly due to the lack of employment and the reduction in salaries that prevent payment. of your monthly payments.

Faced with this situation, the Pachacútec Foundation in alliance with L’Oreal and its social responsibility program “Beauty for a future”, present their new hairdressing course under the blended modality aimed at men and women from Metropolitan Lima. This course has a duration of 4 months and with a monthly payment of S / 100.

“Thanks to the participation of private companies, we have been able to renew our hairdressing proposal that combines the best of distance education and face-to-face education. We want to be a bridge to improve your current and future quality of life. Our goal is to train men and women in a short time and once the course is finished they can have the opportunity to enter the workplace or start a business in the field of personal aesthetics ”, adds Alexis Pancorvo, academic director of the Pachacutec Foundation.

Classes begin on Monday, June 7 and the topics included in the curriculum are: Hair and treatment, color, highlights and Balayage, hairstyle, cut, skin, makeup, nails and coaching. Likewise, it is important to highlight that this call is aimed at those who have or not have experience and want to learn from new trends. The Pachacútec Foundation with the support of L’Oréal provides all the materials for the practical classes that are held twice a month at the Ventanilla campus.

“I would recommend the course because it is such a great help that we just don’t receive from other institutes, we have received a lot of support in materials. I also liked that they will train us to know the new trends that were in fashion and that has helped me a lot nowadays ”, says Emelin Caqui, who graduated from the hairdressing course and currently works at Soho Color.

At the end of the program, a certificate will be delivered in the name of the Pachacútec Foundation and L’Oréal at no cost. For more information, you can communicate through the Foundation’s social networks or at the following number 987 525 159.


The Pachacutec Foundation has benefited more than 14,000 students from the school, Cetpro and Institute, who have managed to change their lives thanks to the solidarity of companies and people of good will. To be able to contribute donations, it can be done through:

  • Donation to the BCP in the current account soles: 191-2632619-0-09 and the current account dollars: 191-2631485-1-65.
  • On the Pachacutec Foundation website there is a “Collaborate” tab in which the different donation modalities are shown or by scanning the following Yape QR code.

Qura 4 Medical Center was inaugurated thanks to the agreement between the Pachacútec Foundation and the Municipality of Ventanilla

Last Monday, October 21, the “Qura 4” Medical Center was inaugurated thanks to the agreement between our Pachacútec Foundation and the Municipality of Ventanilla, a fully equipped polyclinic to cover the medical needs of our entire Pachacútec community.

With the presence of our representatives, Monsignor José Luis del Palacio Pérez Mendel, President of the Pachacútec Foundation, María Teresa Bomboí Mingarro, Vice President of the Pachacútec Foundation and the Mayor of the Municipality of Ventanilla Dr. Pedro Spadaro, inaugurated the polyclinic “Qura 4 ”, a modern structure that is already available to all the youth of our Foundation and the Ventanilla community. “We are very happy to be able to open this space knowing Pachacútec’s needs. We have ceded our facilities so that the entire community can benefit from the services provided by the municipality with great professionals of doctors and nurses and thereby be able to improve the health and quality of life of the entire population. ” María Teresa Bomboí Mingarro, Vice President of Fundación Pachacútec commented.  Among their specialties are cardiology, pediatrics, laboratory, general medicine, traumatology, ophthalmology, topical, dentistry, gynecology and obstetrics. Attention will be from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00.