Aware of the living conditions of the residents of Pachacutec and that many families do not cover a minimum wage income, since the beginning of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in early 2020, the Pachacútec Foundation prepared and delivered 200 daily food packages containing 16 kg of non-perishable food supplies. This activity reached a total of 12,500 families, approximately 53,000 people.

This action has been possible thanks to financial support and donations of food and items, received from companies allies of the Foundation and individuals; as well as the voluntary and committed work of the Foundation’s students and staff.

Our commitment has also been to back-up health professionals who were working against the COVID-19 pandemic in conditions of maximum risk and tension. For that reason, the Pachacutec Foundation prepared with its culinary students, staff, cooks and professionals from Acurio Restaurants, 400 daily menus for all medical staff working at the National Hospital Daniel Alcides Carrion from Callao. 100 of these professionals were in charge of COVID patients. This action took place for several days, preparing and delivering a total of 8,400 menus. This commendable work has been carried out, thanks to donations of food and supplies from companies dedicated in the food industry and financial donations received.

Continuing with the social work, since June 2020 to this date, we have been preparing 300 lunches daily, which are placed in disposable containers, in our Pachacutec facilities with the support of our staff and volunteer students. Lunches are delivered to people and families with extreme needs in the slums of Pachacutec. The number of lunches delivered to this date is more than 40,000 and we still continue with this social work, thanks to the economic support and food received, which allow us to carry out this activity for the benefit of the less favored persons. We want to thank in a very special way all the companies, institutions and individuals who have made all these activities possible, providing us with financial support, food, cleaning products, alcohol gels, and others, and whom without their help this commendable work for the benefit of the most vulnerable people in Pachacutec and its surroundings would not have been possible.

Thanks to:

Grupo ACP, Alicorp, Acurio Restaurantes, Backus, Banco de Alimentos, EGESA, ENEL, Ethiquable, Grupo Konecta, L’Oreal, Megaproducts, Nestlé, Otto Kunz, Parejalecaros, Perseferancia, Redondos, Solgas, Fundación UNIR.

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