Fundación Pachacútec: 90% of young graduates managed to enter the labor market

The hard work of the Pachacútec Foundation has generated a positive impact on the new generation of young people willing to give a significant turn to their quality of life and that of their families. In fact, there is a high labor insertion rate of 90% of young people who have been trained in short specialties and technical careers according to the current demand of the market.

The foundation, which was born in 2004, offers two educational pillars related to job training: Cetpro, which provides specialized training programs of short duration and highly demanded by the job market such as: Teleoperators, restaurant and bar service, bartender , gas installations and personal aesthetics including hairdresser. They also have an Institute with 3 majors: Business Administration, Industrial Electricity and Kitchen. The latter are licensed by the Ministry of Education.

“In order to ensure the employment of young people, each educational unit has a strategic partner, which is a recognized company in the economic sector where it contributes: knowledge of the market to develop study plans, professionals to strengthen teaching staff and technical training, network of contacts for job placement and financial contributions, since the studies are subsidized, ”says María Teresa Bomboí, vice president of the Pachacútec Foundation.


According to data from the foundation, some economic activities, such as those related to gastronomy and face-to-face services such as aesthetics, have been negatively affected. As a consequence, the levels of labor insertion in the programs related to these activities have been reduced.

On the other hand, activities such as call center service, online sales consultants, retail trade, mass consumption and vendors, pharmacy and digital technology services, among others, have benefited and their demand continues to increase.

In the case of graduates of the Business Administration Studies Program, the placement of graduates by type of company has varied, although the level of labor insertion has been maintained.

In the case of the Industrial Electricity study program, the level of labor insertion has been maintained, since since it is an activity that provides basic services to the community, its activity has not been affected.

To date, more than 14,000 students have been benefited, who have managed to change their lives thanks to the solidarity of companies and people of good will. You can also transform that of many children and young people by making a donation or helping to continue joining efforts to give a light of hope through the following contributions:

  • Donation to the BCP in the current account soles: 191-2632619-0-09 and the current account dollars: 191-2631485-1-65.
  • On the Pachacútec Foundation website ( ), there is a “Collaborate” tab in which the different donation modalities are shown.
  • Write to the email , where you will be given more information about the Foundation and the work that is being carried out.
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