Fundación Pachacútec and Andeshoes sign agreement “Solidarity Steps”

Fundación Pachacútec and the Andeshoes footwear company come together to develop a campaign to provide footwear for the students of the Foundation.

The Peruvian Andeshoes company; Created by a group of Spaniards who have lived in Lima for 5 years, they created the “Solidarity Steps” campaign, which aims to provide slippers to the children and youth of the Pachacútec Foundation.
This initiative will be launched in Spain for a period of approximately 30 to 45 days in the months of April and May. Hoping to have the support of other people so that for every two pairs they can give one to the boys and girls of the foundation. At the end, the pairs of shoes will be delivered to the students of the Pachacútec Foundation, in an event which will be held at its facilities.

As the beginning of the campaign, several pairs of shoes have been delivered to the students of the foundation, to show their support and commitment to it.

“I felt happy and excited, especially because it was a gift from such a good brand with AndeShoes, who cares about social responsibility and the Andean communities,” said Kelly Santa Cruz graduated from the Cooking School.
It should be noted that the AndeShoes company works hand in hand with artisans from Andean communities to develop a unique, handmade and quality product; looking to offer an opportunity to prosper, transforming socially, and valuing its essence and culture.