Fundación Pachacútec and the Aiala School of Hospitality of Spain strengthen cooperation ties

These agreements are given in the framework of strengthening relations with international institutions

Continuing with our cooperation project, the Director of Cooperation of the Provincial Council, Fernando San Martín, and Raúl González, director of the Aiala de Zarautz hospitality school, presented the contribution they have been making to the Pachacútec Foundation. In addition, our graduate Kelly Florcita Santa Cruz was also present at the presentation of the initiative. She is a fellow of the hotel restaurant Karlos Arguiñano, where she will make a specialization as a prize for having been the best academically of her promotion at the Pachacútec Cooking School.

The Director of Cooperation stressed that “with Gipuzkoa Coopera we are working to increase the cooperative muscle and achieve a more active involvement of citizens, our companies and all economic, social and cultural agents, in a task that concerns us all : build a more just and supportive world ”.

Gipuzkoa Coopera is a project launched by the Diputación in 2017 and which aims to boost Development Cooperation by extending them to unconventional entities in cooperation but which have a large overlap in the Gipuzkoan territory and beyond. One of these projects is the one developed by the Aiala hospitality school.

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