Pachacútec Foundation youth ready for the gas installation labor market

Pachacútec and SOLGAS close the Liquefied Gas Installers Training Program

The course that began in the second part of 2017, was divided into modules of theoretical and practical classes, these lessons were given by the professionals of the company SOLGAS, as well as its contractor companies. Within this program, a total of 26 students are graduating in order to empower them and bring them closer to a growing labor market.

The ceremony held at the Pachacútec headquarters, was attended by the various academic authorities of our institution, representatives of SOLGAS; and family and friends of our graduated students.

“This alliance between the Foundation and SOLGAS is a very good union for young people. The facilities are appropriate and we with our experience and staff are willing to continue contributing. We hope that students will be inserted in the workplace through our contractors, and that they can continue to grow; since they know our demands and processes, making their insertion easier, ”said Martín Medina, coordinator of maintenance and standardization of SOLGAS.

In the course of the course the students learned about welding, maintenance and installation, as well as knowing the regulations and the equipment necessary for the performance of the activities that the labor market requires. It should be noted that the course is taught once a year at our headquarters in Pachacútec and registrations are made from midyear.

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