Keys to incorporating soft skills at the different educational levels of Fundación Pachacútec

In November the vaccination of minors began and with it the opportunity for more students to be able to resume their learning in schools and institutes in person. However, something that this pandemic has taught us is the need to strengthen soft skills, known as ‘softskills’ in their educational centers so that in the future they can adapt to changing environments and successfully insert themselves into the world of work.

“The COVID-19 pandemic should not mean a setback in learning, but an opportunity to develop those skills that are needed to overcome any crisis and enter the world of work. According to various studies, 75% of job success depends on soft skills. To promote them in the Pachacútec Foundation we have been working on this aspect for several years. It is part of our DNA and one of our differentiating elements. ”, Indicated Alexis Pancorvo, academic director of the Pachacútec Foundation.

Among the soft skills that the Pachacútec Foundation develops in its three educational levels at Ventanilla, the academic director mentions: teamwork, communication, responsibility, emotional stability, problem solving, leadership, among other skills that are difficult to find in the market. labor.

“In meetings with representatives of the private sector to review and update the different curricula, it is amazing how they highlight the importance of skills such as communication, teamwork, the desire to learn, creativity, among others. These elements they refer are key and so much so that 92% of employers affirm that they matter to them as much as hard skills, ”said Pancorvo.

Some recommendations that the Pachacútec Foundation offers to the educational community are the following:

1. Have a soft and socio-emotional skills file that serves as a measurement and monitoring instrument on the development, achievement and achievement of them among students.

2.     Escuchar al estudiante y estar atento a sus problemas, pues es necesario para proveer el apoyo emocional que será base para el desarrollo adecuado de las softskills. En Fundación Pachacútec se hace a través del área de tutoría y tutores especialmente designados para cada grado o ciclo.

3. Provide continuous feedback for the full development of skills in a personalized way. At the Foundation, interviews are held twice a year in which the career director, the tutor and the student participate. During the meetings, the students receive suggestions for their development and set clear objectives for the following semester.

4. Offer programs that develop the confidence, dependability, and teamwork skills necessary to be successful in school, work, and life. At the Foundation we have a program developed by our professional team, as well as international programs such as the Passport to Success ®. This international program has been implemented in more than 50 countries and has trained over 200,000 youth to date. In the latter case, they are licensed to teach the program, as well as facilitators and tutors certified by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) based in the United States of America.

Change a Life Campaign

The Pachacútec Foundation has launched a digital collection called “Change a life”.

With this campaign, it is expected to reach S / 230,000 to benefit 60 new young people greatly affected by the pandemic, of all educational levels for a year, expand the infrastructure created to teach classes and improve basic services such as water, sewage and light, which is so important for them to have access to connectivity.

To join the campaign, you can go to: Fundación Pachacútec (, and go to the “Collaborate” tab, which shows the different donation modalities. Also, you can donate at the bank: BCP in the current account soles: 191-2632619-0-09 and the current account dollars: 191-2631485-1-65.

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