More than 14 thousand Ventanilla students benefited from basic, technical and professional education

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing quality education has become one of the main challenges for the training of children and young people, especially in the less favored districts. In this sense, the Pachacútec Foundation , an organization that for almost two decades has contributed to transforming the lives of low-income people, managed to benefit more than 14,000 Ventanilla students strong>, providing them with regular basic, technical and professional education.

To serve the population of Ventanilla, the Foundation, thanks to the financial contribution of private companies and volunteers, created a school where classes are taught at the initial, primary and secondary levels, a technical education center (CETPRO) in which they teach specialties for generate income in a short time and an institute, which teaches the careers of Business Administration, Kitchen and Industrial Electrical Engineering. The establishments are located in the Nuevo Pachacútec human settlement where families in extreme poverty live.

In the midst of the health emergency and on the eve of celebrating Peru’s Bicentennial, contributing to the education and job placement of young people who have lost their jobs is a priority for the Foundation. Even more so considering that Peru is among the last places in access to education. For this reason, we created three educational infrastructures that have benefited 14,000 people from Ventanilla to date, of which more than 90% are working ”, indicated María Teresa Bomboí, vice president of the Pachacútec Foundation.

To achieve this success, the vice president of the Pachacútec Foundation pointed out that the following benefits are provided to students:

  1. Subsidized education: Thanks to the financial support of companies and volunteers, the students of the Foundation’s school only pay a symbolic contribution for their education. While the young people who study at the CETPRO or institute receive between 70% and 80% of scholarship, depending on the career or specialty. This benefit gives them peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their studies and do not abandon them due to lack of financial resources.
  2. Comprehensive training: Young people who join the Foundation receive not only academic and technical knowledge, but also are trained in values ​​such as solidarity, respect, responsibility, among others, which will allow to create a world more sustainable, with stable economies and fairer and more inclusive societies.
  3. Quality certifications and awards: The Foundation received in 2018 the international certification of the Neo Quality System, which accredits them as an institution that provides education with global standards. In addition, professional careers are licensed by the Ministry of Education. On the other hand, the NGO has won various awards such as the VI contest for Social Projects, Business Creativity, among others.
  4. Strengthening socio-emotional skills: The Foundation cares about the emotional development of young people. Therefore, it offers workshops to strengthen the social-emotional skills in students. These spaces allow us to understand and regulate emotions, feel and show empathy, establish and develop positive relationships, as well as make responsible decisions.
  5. Competitions for all levels: The Foundation organizes and participates in internal and external competitions to challenge the talent of its students. The most recent is the one carried out together with the NGO Law for All, I Contest Citizen Project 2021, where five groups of students proposed ordinance projects to improve their district. The winners were a project that regulates the waste and the care of the beaches of the Ventanilla district and an ordinance that regulates the cleaning of garbage containers. In this way, the Foundation contributes to promoting citizenship in the district and the country.

Let’s all support!

So that the Pachacútec Foundation can continue serving the population of Ventanilla, it launched the digital collection called “Change a life”, the purpose of which is to raise funds to continue providing quality education and training and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

With this campaign, it is expected to reach S / 230,000 to benefit 60 new young people greatly affected by the pandemic, of all educational levels for a year, expand the infrastructure created to teach classes and improve basic services such as electricity, water and drain.

To join the campaign, you can go to: Fundación Pachacútec ( ), and go to the “Collaborate” tab on the The different donation modalities are shown. In addition, you can make a donation to the BCP in the current account soles: 191-2632619-0-09 and the current account dollars: 191-2631485-1-65.

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