More than 1,500 schoolchildren and young people from the Pachacútec Foundation were trained in the use of digital tools

In the first quarter of 2021 it was reported that there are 10 million Peruvians who do not use the internet, which represents 33% of the population, according to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). Among the main reasons mentioned by those who are not users of the service is that they do not need it (40%), are unaware of its use (30%) and that it does not reach their homes (11%), detailed a survey carried out by Osiptel in the 2019.

While the digital divide is not only limited to the lack of Internet access, it has contributed to its further widening during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, the Government, universities and organizations have launched programs and initiatives to educate people on ICTs and digital tools.

This is the case of the Pachacútec Foundation, which since it implemented digital skills in its curriculum in 2016, has trained more than 1,500 thousand low-income school children and young people from Ventanilla, who are part of its three educational projects: the Luisa Astrain school, the Center for Productive Technical Education – CETPRO Nuevo Pachacútec and the institute.

“Achieving digital literacy is a huge challenge, but necessary since it will allow young people to benefit from greater accessibility to information and they will have access to applications that will make their lives easier, will include them in society and will allow them to access a quality of higher education ”, indicated Alexis Pancorvo, academic director at Fundación Pachacútec.

He also pointed out that of the total number of students and schoolchildren who enter the Foundation, approximately 30% of the young people have limited use of basic computer tools and not only they, but also their parents, for whom they created a special program.

“For the parents of the students, we have designed a program in which we train them on the most basic digital tools and programs such as the use of Microsoft Office, emails and the use of social networks so that they can promote their own businesses and ventures. . We are currently training 100 parents, and our goal is for the program to reach many more, ”said Alexis Pancorvo.

In this way, the Pachacútec Foundation seeks to transform the lives of low-income people, based on an education of excellence for children and young people, and positively impacting their families and society.

Change a Life Campaign
To achieve its objectives, including reducing the digital divide and achieving digital literacy, the Pachacútec Foundation has launched a digital collection called “Cambia una vida”. With this campaign, it is expected to reach S / 230,000 to benefit 60 new young people greatly affected by the pandemic, of all educational levels during a year, expand the infrastructure created to teach classes and improve basic services such as water, sewage and electricity, which is so important for them to have access to connectivity.

To join the campaign, you can go to: Fundación Pachacútec (, and go to the tab “ Collaborate ”in which the different donation modalities are shown. Also, you can donate at the bank: BCP. Soles checking account: 191-2632619-0-09 and dollars checking account: 191-2631485-1-65.

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